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Steroids for sale are synthetic derivatives of testosterone. Anabolic steroids are mainly made from the roots of the Mexican sarsaparilla, a climbing plant, used for the production of tonic additives. The anabolic steroid components are obtained by chemical means, using the root of this plant.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that stimulates the growth of tissues it affects, mostly muscle tissue. Testosterone has both anabolic and androgenic effects. Androgen effect promotes the growth of hair on the face, gives the male voice a low timbre, develops the genital organ and erection.

If you simplify the formulation, anabolic steroids can be represented as an artificially created male hormone that causes the development of male genitals and promotes muscle growth.

But, there are both pros and cons of the effects of steroids on the body.

Disadvantages of Using Steroids

Regularly using steroids for sale, you can ruin some organs, such as:

  • liver – steroids can destroy the cell structure, form internal tumors, disrupt blood flow, can lead to loss of basic functions, accompanying poisoning and death, cancer.
  • sexual system – steroids can lower sperm production, lead to impotence, disrupt urination, lead to inflammation
    bladder, reduce the production of sex hormones, increase prostate, cause cancer or prostatitis.
  • blood circulation – steroids increase blood pressure, increase cholesterol, disrupt the electrolyte balance of the blood, slagging the heart muscles, lead to a heart attack.
  • skin and muscle – from the use of steroids appears on the skin irritation, increased penetration of skin infections, increased sweating, there are pain in the muscles, growing connective tissue, the possibility of increasing organs such as nose, ears, fingers and toes.
  • psyche – you have aggression and irritability, neurasthenia, psychoneurotic state, sleep disorders, headaches appear.
  • immunity – because of the use of steroids, the immunity gradually weakens, which can lead to the formation of immunodeficiency, which is very similar to AIDS in symptoms. Even the weakest colds can lead to death.

Effectiveness of Steroids for Sale

Not all steroids produce the above-mentioned diseases. There are steroids, which due to their individual characteristics, can effectively affect the human body. Of course, the ability of each human body to take different anabolic supplements is also quite individual.

In General, drugs with a large anabolic effect promote tissue growth to the greatest extent. While in the blood, some steroids with increased ability to connect to the right receptors may be longer in free form, so they are more likely to meet the target receptor areas.

Drugs Nandrolone Decanoate, Methandienone Oral, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Mix and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate are able to find the necessary receptors in the body, as they have a percentage of free molecules is large enough than other drugs.

But let’s not forget about the physiological abilities of each person, some bodybuilders have an incredibly large number of receptor sites in the muscles, which provides a connection of receptors with a much larger number of molecules, which contributes to the strengthening of the anabolic effect. Athletes with a small number of receptors in muscle cells need to increase the dose of a mixture of different steroids. But, be careful. You don’t need an overdose.

The effect of steroids for sale on muscle cells depends on the number of receptors in your body. Some athletes, taking steroids will go to increase the mass, others to the destruction of an organ. So, before you start taking anabolic steroids – think: do you need it?…

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