Testomix (testosterone mix)

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Testomix (testosterone mix)


Manufacturer: Eminence Labs
Substance: Testosterone Mix
Package: 250 mg/amp. (10 amp.)

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Sustanon 250 is a popular testosterone blend (mixture) and is without question the most popular and well known blend ever made. Manufactured by Organon, the idea behind Sustanon 250 was to provide the best of small (short) and large (long) ester testosterones in a single compound. This would allow the individual to maintain stable blood levels of the testosterone hormone with an infrequent injection schedule while simultaneously receiving fast acting benefits.Test 600xThe limited injection frequency makes Sustanon 250 a perfect compound for the treatment of low testosterone. It allows the individual to maintain stable levels without the need for constantly pinning themselves with a needle, but this is truly the only advantage of this testosterone. Sustanon 250 will not provide any advantage over a single ester testosterone compound to a performance athlete. In a performance capacity we will find the individual will still be required to inject the hormone frequently if he is to maintain not only stable blood levels but peaked blood levels. Many often inaccurately assume Sustanon 250 is superior over single ester testosterone forms due to the fact that it carries four distinct testosterones in a single injection. As for the basic functioning traits of testosterone, they will be the same with Sustanon 250 as they are with all testosterone forms. They will be no more or less powerful or effective.Sustanon 250 Functions & Traits:_x000D__x000D_ Sustanon 250 is a testosterone hormone. Although synthetic it is a perfect replica of the naturally produced primary male androgen testosterone. By the esters that are attached, this is what defines Sustanon 250 and differentiates it from other testosterone compounds. The compound carries a mixture of small and large esters in a precise dose. It is the precise dose of each of the four testosterone esters that make it. You could take four other testosterones and combine them in the same dosing strength but this would not make it Sustanon 250. This is important because there are underground labs that try to pass off other mixtures as Sustanon 250. The precise makeup of Organon’s product is as follows:_x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ 30mg Testosterone Propionate_x000D__x000D_ 60mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate_x000D__x000D_ 60mg Testosterone Isocaproate_x000D__x000D_ 100mg Testosterone Decanoate_x000D__x000D_ This total mixture gives us 250mg of testosterone per milliliter. Sustanon 250 will also be found in single dose ampules, not vials and each ampule will contain this 250mg concentration. One thing you may have noticed is that the composition of Sustanon 250 is very similar to Omnadren, a testosterone blend manufactured by Jelfa. The original Omnadren mixture was identical to Sustanon 250 with one exception. Omnadren originally carried 100mg of Testosterone Caproate instead of Testosterone Decanoate. However, modern Omnadren now carries the Decanoate ester making it identical to Sustanon 250._x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ As a testosterone hormone, Sustanon 250 is perfect for treating low testosterone. Testosterone is an essential hormone for men and women; however, men require approximately ten times that of women. The hormone is responsible for sexual development and maturation but it is also responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and function of several key areas of our lives. This is a hormone that plays a role on our physical, mental and sexual well-being, and when levels fall to low we can suffer in numerous ways in all of those areas. The symptoms and effects of low testosterone are not in any way what we’d call life threatening; however, they can tremendously suppress your overall quality of life. The condition is also extremely unhealthy and if left ignored can lead to or help promote conditions that are indeed life threatening. If you suffer from any of the following symptoms there’s a good chance you suffer from low testosterone and Sustanon 250 can easily remedy the problem:_x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ Loss of Libido (can refer to partial or total loss)_x000D__x000D_ Erectile Dysfunction (inability to maintain or obtain and erection)_x000D__x000D_ Loss of Muscle Mass (despite diet & exercise)_x000D__x000D_ Loss of Strength (despite diet & exercise)_x000D__x000D_ Increased Body Fat (despite diet & exercise)_x000D__x000D_ Loss of Mental Clarity_x000D__x000D_ Decreased Ability to Focus_x000D__x000D_ Lethargy_x000D__x000D_ Insomnia_x000D__x000D_ Irritability_x000D__x000D_ Decreased Energy_x000D__x000D_ Depression_x000D__x000D_ Weakened Immune System_x000D__x000D_ By administering Sustanon 250 such symptoms will not only fade away they will fade away rapidly and bring about notable improvements in those areas of your life. Of course, this is assuming the symptoms are low testosterone related. More importantly, when we treat low testosterone we protect ourselves from the gateway issues that can arise when the problem is ignored. Studies have shown that prolonged low testosterone levels may contribute to the following conditions:_x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ Alzheimer’s Disease_x000D__x000D_ Diabetes_x000D__x000D_ Osteoporosis_x000D__x000D_ Infertility_x000D__x000D_ Polyuria_x000D__x000D_ Anxiety_x000D__x000D_ Heart Disease_x000D__x000D_ Interestingly enough, while the use of exogenous testosterone may lead to moderate cholesterol issues, prolonged low testosterone has been linked to high cholesterol. If you suffer from low testosterone there really is no reason you should suffer when treatment is not only available but easily so with compounds like Sustanon 250._x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ Then we have performance enhancement, and it will be other functions and traits of the testosterone hormone that are of interest here. The performance athlete will notice improvements in every area of his life that the low testosterone patient benefited from. However, in this case he will be taking his testosterone levels to a much higher level. This high level will bring about enormous enhancements in five key areas that are associated with physical progress. And from these five traits, we will find we have a hormone that is one of the most versatile hormones at our disposal and perfect for nearly all male performance related goals. The specific traits of Sustanon 250 in this category include:_x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ Enhanced Protein Synthesis: Protein synthesis refers to the rate by-which cells build proteins, the primary building block of muscle tissue. Protein synthesis is enhanced and in return so is this basic function in anabolism._x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ Enhanced Nitrogen Retention: All lean muscle tissue is comprised of approximately 16% nitrogen. When nitrogen levels fall this puts us at great risk in falling into a catabolic state. The more nitrogen we retain the greater our anabolic atmosphere will remain. As was with protein synthesis, this trait will prove very useful in bulking and cutting cycles as will all the basic high testosterone level promoted traits._x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ Increased Red Blood Cell Count: Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to and through the blood. As blood oxygenation levels increase this increases the ability of the muscle to perform. This trait will play an imperative role in endurance and recovery._x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ Increased IGF-1 Output: Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) is a highly potent and powerful naturally produced peptide hormone with tremendous anabolic power. While highly anabolic it also plays an extremely important role on our body’s recovery process. This is a hormone that affects nearly every cell in the human body and with more available there is more to do what IGF-1 does best._x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ Inhibition of Glucocorticoid Hormones: Glucocorticoid hormones or stress hormones are in many ways the very opposite of anabolic steroids. These hormones destroy muscle tissue and promote fat storage; cortisol is the most well-known glucocorticoid. By using a compound like Sustanon 250 and achieving high testosterone levels, we ensure glucocorticoids while necessary to a degree to our health do not become dominant in the body._x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_ The basic functions and traits of Sustanon 250 are fairly straightforward. There’s nothing magical about this hormone, nothing out of the ordinary but it is still a remarkable product. The testosterone hormone, while very simple to understand is dramatically powerful, beneficial and perhaps the most important hormone of all._x000D__x000D_ _x000D__x000D_